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mHealthView is a group of experts with experience and outcomes, both financial and clinical, to save self pay, skilled nursing homes, and private insurance companies major dollars for chronically ill patients. 

Our intense, personalized case management over two-way video has been used since 2000. Now we can serve populations on multiple platforms, setup "after hours" oversight, align monitoring devices if needed, all for a fraction of the cost just a few years ago.  For frequent flyer patients, our data shows a 30 % savings for the payer.

We are very excited to announce our HIPAA-compliant iPhone product, mHealthView works in all Wi-Fi, as well as LTE, 4G and 3G on iPads and smartphones.  As experienced consultants with over 25 years in this exciting industry of Telemedicine, we can recommend the right hardware installations for most scenarios, and hold your hand thru the entire process of identification, protocol development, and implementation and training. 

This two-way video ensures THICK TRUST between the clinician and patient, and with weekly calls, TRUST leads to patient lifestyle change and improved health.

Use of Technology whose time has come...

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